Why Do Babies Put Everything In Their Mouths ?

The little ones cannot see a new object that they already put directly in their mouth. And even saying that they can’t put it in their mouths and taking the child’s attention to the object as much as possible, you still ask yourself: why do babies put everything in their mouths ?

As with many things in young children, this is a phase and is part of their development . Until around 1 and a half years this is the way that babies have to know and explore the world . They put hands, feet and objects in their mouths because that is how they discover flavors, textures and sensations.

When the baby is born its starting point to know the world is through the mouth – which is one of the most developed parts of its body. When he discovers his hand, around four months, the first thing he does is put it in his mouth, and then his feet do the same. When he starts to crawl and explore other objects, he does the same, puts everything in his mouth to capture as much information about that novelty .

Although this is a phase, parents should stick to what children are putting in their mouths. The little ones still do not have a sense of security and it is our role to monitor and evaluate whether it can be put in the mouth or not. Small objects are always a risk for babies, so be careful. Therefore, if your little one is going through this phase the ideal is that you leave the space in which he is safe and free of small objects or that represent a risk for him.

Throughout the child’s growth, parents can show what they can and cannot put in their mouths. And when they place an inappropriate object, the ideal is to take it easy, replacing it with something else, such as a teether or other object suitable for babies.

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